Sunday, September 12, 2010

Rainy Sunday and more couches

We were all set to go to Jennifer Convertibles to look at a great deal. A chair and couch for $499. Then I did research via Apartment Therapy and other searches and came to find out that the states of NJ and NY had sued them for fraudulent practices. If you do a Google search for Jennifer Convertible Complaints it is interesting. I take each complaint with a grain of salt, but after reading the tenth one we have decided to forgo shopping there. Of course, every company has complaints lodged against it, but this seemed excessive. So, the search continues.

When we put the triple pendant light up in the dining room, I need to take a photo, but our camera is not behaving, it brought a whole new vibe to the house. I stared at it, looking towards the kitchen and thought, Modernism. Okay, I can learn to decorate that way with eclectic touches. I am not a huge fan of the pure minimalism look represented in the photo below
It is lovely, just not me. What I do like are the low couches. So, to go against everything I said in my last post, I have found a couch I really love and dammit it all, it is $1,895.00
The Gus Modern Spencer Sofa in that gray?? SWOON! My husband even likes it which is good. At least we are on the same design page for decorating. It would go so lovely next to the fireplace that I have painted white. We can't afford to rip it out yet and put up drywall so I decided to paint the faux nightmare and brighten up the room. I will get a photo up at some point I swear.

Apartment Therapy posted an article about sofa shopping. The comments from the readers are actually the most informative when it comes to where to buy and why.

I try to imagine being one of those folks who can build from the ground up or live in a McMansion. Some folks know exactly what they want and are quite pleased with the results. For me, I wonder if after a year or two I would be like, "Hmmmm, I do not need this extra room" or "The bathroom would have worked better this way." Recognizing I am one of those folks who needs to live in the space is a good thing. I need to get the vibe, feel what we need and do not need. The more we live in the house, the better we are at figuring out what we want the house to turn into and how. This journey is going to be the most fun for sure.

This rainy day will be lazy, but not unproductive. I have to finish painting the fireplace, work on a few chapters on my novel and right now, have a homemade chocolate chip scone. Ahhhhhhh, bliss :)


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