Friday, September 10, 2010

Must it all cost a salary?

One has to wonder where these folks in magazines like Dwell, Traditional Home, etc have the cash to afford these so-called "Little renovations" or even the bespoke sofas. Of course I have to accept that not everyone in the world was hit so hard by the recession that they cannot afford to have a rug made to their specifications. We have savings, but we are certainly not going to dive into that so I can have a non-pink bathroom. Though the day that bathroom gets demolished will be a highlight and you are all invited over for champagne. There is no doubt lots of people budgeted and put money aside for redos, but when I read Dwell it is always, "We bought this house last year and decided to gut it and make it our own." The location always seems to be in Los Angeles, one of the most over priced markets in the country I think, and these folks are always artists with kids, commissioning furniture and buying top of the line appliances.


None of the magazines every address this, just like HGTV, because it is all about the design.

Screw that. As a current Craig's List shopper, I want to know what stuff costs. Let me tell you, from what I have been able to find out, it will make your heads spin and maybe even spit your drink out on your computer. Do not misunderstand me, I know quality costs money and I have no problem investing in a good piece to last me twenty plus years, but sometimes, I just shake my head.

This is one of my favorites "Affordable Sofas under $1,999.00". Welcome to my well appointed sofa because I cannot afford anything else.

On sale this two drawer file cabinet is $549. TWO DRAWERS. It should come with an assistant to help you file.

I freely admit to closet envy and hate every celebrity that wears something once and then displays it in their closet that costs more than my Saturn ION.

I love my dog. We want to get her a dog bed so she can lay in the kitchen with me since she cannot walk and hang out. Sure I would like one not made of polyester from China. Fleabag beds made in Los Angeles, where else?, are beautiful, but calling them affordable? They start at $68 and go up to $148. Apparently I have a skewed view of what things should cost. Our dog could not use it anyway since she needs the sides to come up so she does not roll out. The trials of owning a handicapped pet. Maybe I need to make my own....hmmmm.

These bespoke kitchens from Plain English in the UK are superb and cost about $65K US to $80K US. God bless.

We need nightstands in our bedroom, but $695 - $1395? Restoration Hardware, you make me laugh.

Sure we could do this for hours, days even. We all know there are cheaper ways to express your lifestyle and personality in your home, but what if you have manufactured stuff? Then you are left with the above choices. Perhaps it is time to take woodworking classes at John C Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, North Carolina.


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