Saturday, September 25, 2010

Millinery is Marvelous

I am a lover of hats. All kinds of hats. And I admit that I miss the days when women would coordinate their outfits and top it off with an elegant chapeau. Most of the women seemed to maintain perfect hair upon removal of hat too, but I think that had to do with some serious hair shellacking.
Sometimes I would like to cover my head with a charming scarf or the one thing I truly love and covet, a Spanish mantilla with a peineta.

The problem these days, wanting to cover your head brings about confusing reactions. People find it odd if you wear hats outside of church, and not many folks wear them to church anymore. Hell, you are lucky if people bother to get dressed nice for church.
Sure I can buck the system and wear mantillas, scarves and hats whenever I please, but I don't go out to many places where I can pull that off. I work from home so I am not going to be donning my pill box hat as I type. Though that might be fun. I have thought of wearing my wedding gown around the house. Since it resembles something Queen Elizabeth would have worn back in the 1500's, I love it so.
Lots of religious sects require head coverings and I sort of like that. Though I am not into wearing a wig like some Hasidim women do. Well, maybe if I could have crazy fun with it, but the point of covering is not for fun, it is for modesty and respect.
Anyway, here are some cool coverings and adornments. Enjoy!

The king of decadent hats: Philip Treacy

Mary Ann Koch: This Aubrey hat rocks

Gena Coti's Gimlet hat is fabulous. Check out her Inside the Salon section.

This Amoena Head Scarf reminds of the 1970's, but I dig it.

From Halo Works: The Italian Mourning Veil over a hat. The Goth in me adores this!

Snoods. I have always been a fan of these, especially when worn with a dress from the 1930's.

Plain Bonnets: Very Little House On the Prairie and I really like them.

And just because? Mario Bianchetti who apparently makes priest's garments and nun clothing. Rock on.


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