Sunday, September 5, 2010

Edith Wharton, Composting and Capitalism

My, my, my, there is much in my post. All three topics were in my head so I figured, it is Sunday, I can cover them all and hopefully everyone enjoys.

Edith Wharton is an excellent storytellers. She wrote one of the best depressing books ever, Ethan Frome. The dreary sense that no one will be happy, no one will win, no matter how good or how hard they try is weaved in and out, page after page. I have also read The Age of Innocence, superb, and Summer, another nice throw yourself off the bridge read. The films for The Age of Innocence and Ethan Frome are also favorites of mine and if you have not read the books or seen the movies, please, I insist. I have informed the hubby that I need to go to The Mount, which is her estate that she designed, and walk the grounds. Hopefully I can channel her brilliance and have a flair for decorating and writing. Merci beaucoup Edith, merci beaucoup.

I have noticed how much trash we really no longer have and it seems it is composting that has made it that way. Staring at the bowl I have on my counter, there is a good amount of banana peels, egg shells, discarded pieces of leeks, tomatoes, etc. We have saved money by calling our trash company and getting the smaller sized trash can. I am grateful that we have been able to lower our out put of trash, now if only there was something I could do with the dog poop. We pick it up and tie it up in little diaper disposal bags, but that makes more garbage. The town of Ithaca New York is working on that problem.

And now, Capitalism. Anyone can ramble about this topic for days. No it is not bad, Yes it is. The bottom line is, when I watched Capitalism: A Love Story, I wanted to go to DC and Wall Street and punch everyone in the face. Not a Christian thing to do in the least, but the power of Christ compels me. Why? Bailouts should never happen. Free Market is all about, survive or fail. Let them fail. If things destruct, so be it. Change is not a bad thing, but many people in this country cling to past ideas and refuse to move forward. Is it really wrong to make sure all citizens have health care? Is it wrong to want to prevent Health Insurance companies from making you bankrupt because you have cancer? Why should I fund Bank of America's greed further with a bailout when people I know have lost their homes due to the Corporation's wheeling and dealing? Citigroup's Plutonomy report shown in the film nearly pushed me over the edge.
What will the government and all their greedy supporters and lobbyists do if us peasants cause a revolution? They need to think about that, because I have a feeling if the continuous support of profit over people's reigns, it is gonna be an ugly outcome.


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