Thursday, September 30, 2010

Creativity overload

It does happen. I get into a frenzy of creativity overload and then BAM! Nothing gets done. With the current weather I should be knitting my godson's blanket, but have I? No. Shame on me. I am aiming to do some this weekend so let's pray that I get it done.
The writing has been moving along quite well. I am currently working on a battle scene for my Archangels. I have watched Gladiator to help with the layout of a scene. "Single Column!"
I have completed the ending and now the battle scene and the blow out between two major characters has to be written. I have to say, I love this story. Do I want others to love it? Of course, but if they do not, it is okay. There are more stories in this twisted, imaginative mind of mine. Oh, I have been editing my bounty hunter story as well since it needed to be gutted in some areas. Good times. The Angel story will go out first to the agencies. When that day comes, I will be very nervous, but excited.
I just got "Guilty Pleasures" by Laurell K. Hamilton to read on recommendation. I am excited to start it and will do so when I am done with this post. I also am reading "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo". I like it so far though the literal translation does make you have to review sentences a few time.
I still have to finish two pieces of artwork I started and fix some curtains, but yes, I have time to peruse sites for lovely things for me to share.

Fun for children - Ms. Food Face Plate

Homemade Recipe for Lavender Honey Salt Scrub - Bet this smells divine

Need a vacation? El Cosmico in Marfa, Texas has cool trailers to stay reserve.

My hubby wants to learn how to make furniture, this school seems like they could provide a choice program Vermont Woodworking School

Since I love Day of the Dead stuff this mobile from Beesters is awesome.


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