Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I will be giving a massage to one of my friends today. She is unemployed like me so instead of charging my usual rate, she is going to make me a nice salmon dinner. I have also massaged another friend who fixed our brakes on our car at a discounted rate. Totally worth it, believe me. I have no issues trading off with someone, especially if we both benefit from one another.

Not too long ago a few of us were having a conversation about how no one really barters anymore. Which is true in some cases, but I think when money is tight, bartering is a great thing to be able to do. Not that you need to be in dire straits to barter. I would barter even if I was a millionaire. There is something pretty awesome about trading canned food for a knit blanket. Resume writing for baked goods. Massage for work on your car. Think of how in the old days you would give your doctor a chicken or some other food for his care. Granted, not many doctors today would not want that since they have exorbitant amounts of student loans.

There are two recent extreme cases of bartering listed here on The Digerati Life.

Most people find the idea of bartering silly and old fashioned, but if the parties involved agree to it, it can be a pretty fine deal.



  1. LOVE to barter! My pal Lori and I are in the middle of a sweet barter right now. Powerpoint help for vegan cupcakes! Super sweet!