Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Yes the heat does make me lethargic

The last two days have been grossly humid, even at 9pm. Right now it is about 83 and sticky. I need another shower and I only took one about two hours ago! Granted, I am sure the deep south is much worse or to quote Eugene Morris Jerome in Biloxi Blues "Man it's hot. It's like Africa hot. Tarzan couldn't take this kind of hot. "
Anyway, things are sort of at a standstill in our house. We both have a lot of things to do in regards to house renovations and our jobs, but the husband and I have declared that we feel aimless. There is no real reason either, we just do. While we had a ton of fun with my cousin in town, financially it set us back a bit. Money is tight to begin with, now it is tighter. Maybe we got wiped out from having to be somewhere or doing something pretty much everyday she was here.
Due to aimlessness we also keep procrastinating with stuff, which is not smart considering things we are trying to do has some sort of urgency to them. I have been researching for my next novel, but for some reason I am feeling sort of stagnant with it and that really frustrates me. I have another idea I can work with, but I am not sure it is smart to start the outline of a third book when I am still working on the second and waiting for notes on the first. UGH!!!!!
I applied for a temp job recently. Yes, yes I did. The job is for four months and I figured that would be really great. Agencies are probably so slammed right now so I can only hope I get some sort of feedback.
My veggie garden is spitting out it's last few cucumbers and my basil is still growing like mad. The sunflowers were here for a brief time and it was most enjoyable to watch bumblebees behave like crack addicts as they circled round and round collecting pollen, their bodies covered in a pretty yellow dusting.
Friends of our have their baby shower at the end of the month and that should be a lot of fun. They are using surrogates from India and are having a total of three babies! No hand me down clothes in that family! HAHA
Anyway, I need to get back and motivate myself to work on my Angel of Death/Archangel story. Enjoy your evening and stay cool!


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