Monday, August 30, 2010

Mumblings for Monday

We had such a lovely weekend. Our friends who are using 2 surrogates out of India, are expecting 3, yes 3, babies. Their shower was this weekend and it was a beautiful day and the two reverends that were present gave a blessing. So nice and I was soooooooo hungover yesterday. You would think that by now, at my age, I would realize "Hey, I can't drink like I used to, nor should I drink like I used to." Plus, a wine hangover makes a gin one look gentle. The good thing about being a slug all day was I read a good amount of my Christopher Moore book, Lamb, I also read the newest edition of Southern Living and The Economist.

My obsession with farmhouse sinks continues. Franke products make a stainless steel one. Yes, yes, yes I will take this sink. Now, again, there is no idea when we will renovate said kitchen, but the one thing that is constant is my desire for a big sink. I have a cast iron pan and dammit, it needs to fit.

Yesterday my husband and I discussed my novel and his impressions so far. He loves the characters and is invested in the story, but of course, there are speed bumps within in the book. There are parts where some things feel forced or need more subtlety. As we were discussing it, I said to him that my first reaction is to get defensive, but that stems from my impatience more than anything. I WANT IT PUBLISHED!!!! But let me settle down now. It takes time and I know when he is done I have work ahead of me. My writing style has changed so much. It is more than apparent as I write my new novel and I do look forward to tweaking Bounty Hunter to get it as close to pristine as possible. That is not even the issue, it's that when it does get picked up, it takes 18 months before it even hits bookstores/Amazon, etc. This is where my impatience flashes like a giant strobe light. I always have to reel myself back in and remember to not cross a bridge that's not there yet. Baby steps, Fi, baby steps. WHEW!

A friend turned me onto this YouTube channel. This young woman is very funny and I love her Australian accent.

Want some New Orleans inspired goodies? Fleurty Girl has great stuff.

A shout out to Margaret and Cindy who I saw at the shower. We talked about books and of our obsession with The Tudors. I just re-watched Season 1 and I want all the costumes. I am sure they reuse them for other productions, but I wish I could purchase a few pieces. Even one of the tiaras. Yes I would wear it, why?


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