Monday, August 16, 2010

Josef Hoffman

My artist friend Mark who blogs at Rabbit Meets Hat was kind enough to turn me on to Josef Hoffman and the brilliant Wiener Werkstatte.

I am officially obsessed and there is no stopping me.

What happened was we put up a new pendant light in the dining room and my whole vision for my house changed. I saw more modernism blended in along with the cottage style. I was explaining to Mark how we like modern, but we also like country and he showed me this Hoffman designed cutlery set.

I swooned. There are brooches and chairs and glasses and so many inspiring designs that I have decided I need to replicate the black and white fabric on this chair onto our wing backs.

Do not even get me started on this "Melon" coffee service. Tim Burton has nothing on Hoffman.

All his designs are modern and classic. Thank you Wittman for recreating his furniture though I cannot even imagine how much it would set me or anyone else back. Let alone having the privilege of wearing one of his brooches.

While his designs do not suit everyone, one most appreciate the how visionary his work truly is and how it has impacted so many. Thanks again Mark!


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