Thursday, August 19, 2010

Interiors or Exteriors first

We got a quote from a landscape designer for putting in a blue stone pathway from the driveway to the landing for the front stairs. The path would also go from the landing to the mailbox. We would also put a red maple on the front lawn and then along the side where we had all those awful bushes taken down, they would plant Russian sage and really beautiful ornamental grasses. Mind you, we never even discussed front plantings. The price was what we figured it would be and my husband was grateful that I did not pass out or spew a vulgarity when I saw the quote. Of course it is cheaper to combine it all and so we are shooting to do all of this work in the spring.

Not everyone cares about curb appeal, but we do. Right now there is nothing since we ripped it all out. Plus, the exterior sets the stage for the house. Now, most of you know we would really like to modernize the bathrooms and reconfigure the kitchen. To gut and reconfigure three rooms will be way more expensive then the outside work. We know we will be able to renovate the bathrooms and kitchen sensibly. This belief comes from the fact that my husband is very proud of the fact that our dining room cost a total of $500.00 to do. That includes the dining table, hutch, pendant lamp, rug and dry sink. (Thanks to estate sales, Lowe's, Craig's List and Heritage Unlimited). We also know people who have experience doing renovations as well as enough references from friends and neighbors.
Two sets of friends have just redone their bathrooms after owning their homes for 10 years. It may take us just as long to so some of the upgrades we want to do, but we are fine with that. Of course, if I was to find out I cannot move the toilet away from the wall, well then, the downstairs bathroom would be an easier renovation and may be able to get done sooner than later. ;-)


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  1. I'm of the mind of upgrading the inside first. You'll use/see/be in the house a lot more than the outside and you deserve all the fresh and updated goodies :)