Saturday, August 7, 2010

Homemade make up

Sure we have all heard many a report that there is lead in our lipstick and other unpleasant things in our make up. Let's face it, ha ha, they used lead filled foundation for their faces in the 18th century. Here is some more interesting information on fashions in the 18th century
Reading the latest issue of Ready Made magazine, I came across a great article called Magyver Your Makeup by the women who wrote the book No More Dirty Looks and I wanted to share. I would like to try the lipstick since that is my most favorite beauty product to use. I used to by M.A.C. Makeup lipsticks, but I have regaled myself to Wet N' Wild and NYC makeup. Cheap. Very cheap. They work, but it would be sort of cool to make my own and I love beets which you use to make the color. I am curious though if they have more options so I need to do more research. I also want to get back to using grapeseed oil as a body moisturizer. We had used it in massage class and it is such a wonderful thing to use and it is not expensive at all. You can use olive oil as well, but if you do not care for the smell of olive oil, grapeseed is a good alternative.

Enjoy your weekend!


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