Sunday, August 15, 2010

Costume Designers

I adore costume designers and by no means do I think it is an easy job. I can only imagine a day in the life of some of them and the crap and budget cuts they must deal. I admire the fact that they can conjure up all sorts of visual emotions by how they adorn the characters of plays, movies and television.
As someone who loves period pieces, I am a huge fan of the work done on The Tudors, Mad Men, The Pillars of the Earth, any Jane Austen piece, Elizabeth, The Women (1939), Auntie Mame, The Matrix and many, many more.
The LA Times this week has an interesting article called Emmy nominated costume designers on dressing characters with success, where they interview, Joan Bergin of 'The Tudors,' Janie Bryant of 'Mad Men' and Lou Eyrich of 'Glee'. I did not really watch Glee so I cannot comment on the costumes there, but the other two shows...LOVE!!
There is also a link in the article to the company that did the jewelry for The Tudors and the link is at the bottom of their page. Excuse me will I go browse.


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