Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Italian Cousin

My cousin is visiting us for a few weeks so my posts may not be as frequent. She speaks English, but is really still learning. Her father is very happy she is here so she can practice as much as possible. What is good for me too is I get to hear Italian spoken around the house again. We were never taught it because my father and his siblings either did not want to be bothered or, the more pressing reason, as fist born immigrants here, you wanted your children to speak only English. This sucks for me because I am fluent in a few words and phrases in Spanish, French and Italian.
With the awful weather, it is to rain all day here in NJ, I am most likely just going to run errands and take her with me to Target and Trader Joe's. Tomorrow we are off to NYC.

Oh, and I love the high backed chairs in the second picture on Made By Girl.


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