Thursday, July 8, 2010


Statue of Archangel Michael over the main Gate of the church Sankt Michaelis in Hamburg Germany

After struggling with writer's block for almost a week, I have had a breakthrough. My second novel is an interesting one dealing with religious beliefs, Archangels and Angels of Death. Sort of like what does God and Lucifer do to entertain themselves after everything has been set for centuries?
I am not trying to write the standard Da Vinci Code ideal either. My research and own personal beliefs and ideas will be what fuels the storyline. Humor, romance, typical scenarios infused with a very interesting array of characters via the Bible, Torah, Koran and many other texts. I have only recently discovered the beauty that is John Milton's Paradise Lost. Which after reading a very truncated version, reflects pieces of what I am trying to do. Very exciting!
Music, as always, is the biggest thing that helps when I hit roadblocks.
Dead Can Dance - The Host of Seraphim is a song that has been weaving the story through, setting a very specific theme. The video I have attached is a clip from the movie Baraka which has no dialogue, but is a feast for the senses. The images you see are incredible and you can actually view the whole film on You Tube. MGM had given them the rights to upload it so it is a very nice gift to the world. A very spiritual journey in a sense and so worth viewing.
Everyone stay cool :)


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