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Lazy Days

This past Sunday we took my cousin to Cafe Con Leche and the Central Park Zoo. We had a great time BUT, we went into the Tropic Zone, hello Rainforest, and considering it was hot already, we were drenched when we left. The penguin area was a nice reprieve and we got to see the four new King penguins. The zoo is a great place to check out and I highly recommend a visit if you can.

I would love to have a little place like this in North Carolina or Upstate New York.


Les Halles

We will be taking our cousin to the land of meat and more meat. The ever lovable, hater of us vegetarians, Anthony Bourdain's Brasserie Les Halles. I have eaten there before and it is very, very good. Their restaurant week menu suits us so we should be enjoying the meal immensely.

Brasserie Les Halles

Will let you all know how the meal goes and where the next restaurant will be.


Italian Cousin

My cousin is visiting us for a few weeks so my posts may not be as frequent. She speaks English, but is really still learning. Her father is very happy she is here so she can practice as much as possible. What is good for me too is I get to hear Italian spoken around the house again. We were never taught it because my father and his siblings either did not want to be bothered or, the more pressing reason, as fist born immigrants here, you wanted your children to speak only English. This sucks for me because I am fluent in a few words and phrases in Spanish, French and Italian.
With the awful weather, it is to rain all day here in NJ, I am most likely just going to run errands and take her with me to Target and Trader Joe's. Tomorrow we are off to NYC.

Oh, and I love the high backed chairs in the second picture on Made By Girl.



Behind my fabulous lilac bush, whose blooms died early this year due to the excessive heat, is a vast area of weeds. All kinds of weeds. We have pulled them by hand, sprayed vinegar on others, but it is quite the wilderness. Now, not being a fan of Monsanto or any other hardcore herbicide, I wanted to find a better yet just as lethal way of knocking out these things. We would like to plant there, just ornamental grasses and ground covers really, so it looks nice, but does not need hardcore maintaining. I came across a great article called The 7 Deadly Homemade Weed Killers and I figured I would post it since I am certain I am not
alone in this endeavor. Currently I have hot water on the stove and my vinegar is at the ready. After my tea I will be annihilating the little bastards that I have not been able to get rid of and then will lay landscape paper down until we purchase what we want for the area. The front yard is still in process as well, just like my writing HAHAHAHAHA, but it w…


Statue of Archangel Michael over the main Gate of the church SanktMichaelis in Hamburg Germany

After struggling with writer's block for almost a week, I have had a breakthrough. My second novel is an interesting one dealing with religious beliefs, Archangels and Angels of Death. Sort of like what does God and Lucifer do to entertain themselves after everything has been set for centuries?
I am not trying to write the standard DaVinci Code ideal either. My research and own personal beliefs and ideas will be what fuels the storyline. Humor, romance, typical scenarios infused with a very interesting array of characters via the Bible, Torah, Koran and many other texts. I have only recently discovered the beauty that is John Milton's Paradise Lost. Which after reading a very truncated version, reflects pieces of what I am trying to do. Very exciting!
Music, as always, is the biggest thing that helps when I hit roadblocks.
Dead Can Dance - The Host of Seraphim is a song that has been …

Tacky or Fun?

Check this little bike out on Re-Nest. Is it tacky or fun?


Pretty Metal Things

I cannot afford to shop right now, but that does not mean I do not appreciate good craftsmanship. Here are some choice artisans for you all to enjoy.

Fluxplay Jewellery - so much to love

Artigiano Jewelbox - LOVE the blackbird ring

Kira Ferrer Jewelry Design - very pretty stuff, love the lotus earrings

Mike and Mary Jewelry - great rings, yes, I have a ring fetish.

Studio 94 - I love when designers use raw gemstones