Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Small bathroom redo

As most people know, we have a horrible, hideous pink bathroom. the toilet is RIGHT NEXT to the wall and grout is all over the floor.

*I no longer have a toilet seat cover since a friend told me they harbor bacteria.

Anyway, we knew when we bought our house this room would be the first renovated once we had the money. Trying to find a design we like had been hard because most bathrooms are the size of a small apartment. We have no desire to blow out any walls, just reconfigure. Lo and behold, the newest issue of This Old House has the bathroom design we have been looking for. I do not know if I would use the same tile they are using in the Shoe Box Bath design, but the layout is exactly what we want.
My husband and I like a streamlined look for bathrooms. Simple, clean lines. Modern yes, which is unusual for me because some modernist designs are so cold, but the bathrooms are usually the one area of modernism I like. Dwell has a slew of modern bathroom accoutrements. Kitchen Bath Ideas has some interesting designs as well. When we do get to finally do the renovation, I will make sure to post photos. I am going to try and get Dear Genevieve on HGTV to come do it, but just in case we do not get chosen, it is good we have a backup plan. :)


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  1. I can't wait to see how it turns out : )

    (your beet recipe sounded yum-I'm going to try it)