Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I do love retro. I don't like overdoses of it, BUT there are times when it is done really well. This kitchen is a good example of that for me. I have an unhealthy desire for a farmhouse sink. Especially when it comes with a drainboard like the one below.

Of course, spending $1,330.00 on a sink is not what I am looking to do right now or ever to be exact.

Check out this array of retro kitchens. Over the top is not even a thorough enough description. Thanks to the Desire to Inspire blog for this.

These 1950's outdoor furniture sets from Torrans Manufacturing Co are choice.

Vintage reproduction fans from Restoration Hardware are lovely.

I also dig this Modern Tulip Dining Set.

This is not retro but I LOVE this Pipe Dreams glass sink by Kathleen Ash.



  1. Love the sink! I too have an unhealthy desire for a farmhouse sink-and for the farmhouse itself : )

  2. I love those outdoor furniture! Gorgeous