Sunday, June 20, 2010

Forget to hydrate? Check!

So we went on our usual 8 mile bike ride and there are many foolish things we are still doing.

We have yet to buy helmets. Yes we are on a trail, but we should wear them since kids do ride past us.
We never have water with us. This makes us dumber then dumb.

The second thing is what almost took me out and to the ER today. It was hot, really hot, but we went riding around 10am and the trail is very shady. When we completed the trail we walked our bikes across the street and me thinking I had not gotten ride of enough toxins in my body, decided to huff it back to the house. Huff in the sense that I hauled butt up the small hill that leads to our house very fast and in serious heat. This is a one to two minute trip MAX. We get back I start to feel woozy and light headed. I come in the house and try to catch my breath and throw myself on the couch. I still cannot breathe so I open the refrigerator and grab a bottle of seltzer and pretty much drop to the ground. I laid there, my cat breathing next to me as I tried to get a natural rhythm back to my breathing. She leaves me and goes over to the seltzer bottle hoping for free water. My husband was outside cleaning the bikes off. When I finally sit up I shut the fridge, grab the bottle and drink. When I get my bearings I tell my hubby what happened and he said, "This is like when you pruned the trees and kept pushing yourself. You are going to get hurt."

He does love me and he is right.

So when it is hot, there is no reason to push yourself when you already have had a good ride. And do not forget the water!


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