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The Art of Racing in the Rain

I read the book in two nights.

I laughed, I cried, I yelled out. I laughed so hard at one point my hubby thought I was going to bust a gut.


When your narrator is a dog and I understand where he, Enzo, is coming from, you have done your job as a superb storyteller. The story was wonderful, just wonderful. Thank you Garth Stein, thank you.



Please teach your son to cook

I have no children.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let me be clear, I have no children, but I have been observant so much so over the years of friends with kids and strangers with kids that if I did have them I know what I would do and not do. I am certain every parent to be says this and then the nature of the child gets in the way.
One thing I am certain of though is mothers needs to teach their sons there is nothing "girlie" about knowing how to cook, clean or be considerate. This is something sorely lacking in our boys training and I am a little ticked off about it.
Most very devout religious blogs are clear on the roles of boys and girls. Boys learn to be the breadwinners, work the land, know how to do repairs, fish with buddies and be all around providers. The girl is taught to be a help mate, mommy, clean, cook, sew and do everything possible to keep the household functioning while always looking neat and pretty and giving it all up to our Lord Jesus Chris…


So I am late to the party on this one, but this design magazine from ex-Domino employees is pretty fun and awesome.


I like that you can browse it like a regular magazine. Have fun with it people :)


Forget to hydrate? Check!

So we went on our usual 8 mile bike ride and there are many foolish things we are still doing.

We have yet to buy helmets. Yes we are on a trail, but we should wear them since kids do ride past us.
We never have water with us. This makes us dumber then dumb.

The second thing is what almost took me out and to the ER today. It was hot, really hot, but we went riding around 10am and the trail is very shady. When we completed the trail we walked our bikes across the street and me thinking I had not gotten ride of enough toxins in my body, decided to huff it back to the house. Huff in the sense that I hauled butt up the small hill that leads to our house very fast and in serious heat. This is a one to two minute trip MAX. We get back I start to feel woozy and light headed. I come in the house and try to catch my breath and throw myself on the couch. I still cannot breathe so I open the refrigerator and grab a bottle of seltzer and pretty much drop to the ground. I laid there, my cat breathin…


Tabby's Place is a charity that we have been supporting for a few years now. The irony is, where I live now puts me a bit closer to it and so I really need to get in the car and visit there one day.
What I like the most is they care for all sort of cats, healthy, sick young or old and you can sponsor a cat as well. Check out the pictures, read some of their awesome stories and smile.


Small bathroom redo

As most people know, we have a horrible, hideous pink bathroom. the toilet is RIGHT NEXT to the wall and grout is all over the floor.

*I no longer have a toilet seat cover since a friend told me they harbor bacteria.

Anyway, we knew when we bought our house this room would be the first renovated once we had the money. Trying to find a design we like had been hard because most bathrooms are the size of a small apartment. We have no desire to blow out any walls, just reconfigure. Lo and behold, the newest issue of This Old House has the bathroom design we have been looking for. I do not know if I would use the same tile they are using in the Shoe Box Bath design, but the layout is exactly what we want.
My husband and I like a streamlined look for bathrooms. Simple, clean lines. Modern yes, which is unusual for me because some modernist designs are so cold, but the bathrooms are usually the one area of modernism I like. Dwell has a slew of modern bathroom accoutrements. Kitchen Bath Ide…

Artists and their schedules

Recently a good friend of mine wrote a fantastic post on her blog, Pink Velvet Bird, about creative overload and how does one find the time to tackle every project out there. She listed what a typical day is like for herself and how we need to fire Monday and add more time. I like that idea. Simply because when anyone decides they want to immerse themselves in the arts, time is a thief. There are so many great arts and crafts blogs out there that you can get lost just trying to read them all.
I wanted to add something to her post and that is, if you are fortunate to work in your art field, not many will respect you for it either, unless you are famous or make a lot of money. As my husband said, "No one sees writing as a hard day's work." Amusing since many people love to read, but have no idea how difficult, insane and rewarding the process can be to a writer.
I know most of our friends wonder what I do all day since I have chosen to pursue writing. Now, truthfully, I a…

Tasty Snack

We had invited a friend over for dinner the other night and while I had chips and salsa as a snack for us, I wanted to add something else to the mix. After a little research I came across this recipe for Rosemary Roasted Cashews and they came out quite well. My hubby thought they were a tad salty, but I was addicted and so was our friend.



I do love retro. I don't like overdoses of it, BUT there are times when it is done really well. This kitchen is a good example of that for me. I have an unhealthy desire for a farmhouse sink. Especially when it comes with a drainboard like the one below.

Of course, spending $1,330.00 on a sink is not what I am looking to do right now or ever to be exact.

Check out this array of retro kitchens. Over the top is not even a thorough enough description. Thanks to the Desire to Inspire blog for this.

These 1950's outdoor furniture sets from Torrans Manufacturing Co are choice.

Vintage reproduction fans from Restoration Hardware are lovely.

I also dig this Modern Tulip Dining Set.

This is not retro but I LOVE this Pipe Dreams glass sink by Kathleen Ash.


Southern Living

Spanish Moss which I adore

I realize that I have a very unhealthy obsession with the magazine Southern Living. Their garden ideas are always drool worthy and the recipes are pretty darn choice as well. I also love their house design sections. I covet this kitchen like nobody.
Which has made me consider, what is it about places or cultures that are so different that attracts us to them? What is it about going to another state or country that draws us to them and makes us never want to leave? I enjoy where I am now and where I have grown up, but I do sometimes Wonder what would it have been like to have lived in the Outer Banks of North Carolina or San Francisco? Yes, I have been lucky enough to visit these places, as well as many others, but each of them have touched me differently. While I am not so sure I would bode well in the South for various reasons, I am drawn to certain areas and parts of its traditions. That may be what attracts me most. College football aside, there is many w…

Rain Barrel

Yes, we have finally purchased a rain barrel. Now to get it hooked up.

Fiskars Rain Barrel



There is a word that conjures up ugly visions.

But I am.

I am very resentful of my handicapped dog and I hate my whole being for it.

I have mentioned before she has cerebellar hypoplasia. She does have a wheelchair to get around in, but when she is not in that, she is on the couch and becomes the couch police. When people come to visit, we put her in her wheels, she barks incessantly because she wants them to know she is here and she hates when people get up and move as she does not comprehend they will be right back. All I really want is for everyone to understand this. She is not mean, she is not bad, she has issues, she is handicapped.
Before she had her wheels she would roll on the floor and hit her head. She does have concussions and Lord only knows what that has done to her little brain. It is not just her disease I resent, I resent that no one we know really likes our dog because of her little yapper and her lack of training, yes we tried, but obviously not hard enough.
She has bee…

This land is my land

So due to my rechargeable batteries being crap, we did have some major yard work done yesterday and had overgrown "trees"removed. Seems the original owners planted them for "privacy" and never took care of them. These are the bad bushes.

The greatest thing was the tree guys moved a bird's nest into another tree for me and the mother found the nest and is caring for her babies. :)

Anyhoo, here are pictures of the yard, but the veggie garden has grown a lot since I took the photos.


They are much larger now, but I am proud of them.

Raised garden bed that my hubby built.

Cool thing is my marigolds had died and on a friends recommendation I deadheaded them and they all came back. Whew!

My peonies. I am a tad obsessed with them. They were here when we moved and I ADORE them to no end.

That is all for now. I will try and take more photos soon.


The novel is done

Those are the strangest four words I have ever typed.

At almost 75,000 words, I have finished and my emotions border on celebration and death. Today I sat down, added a thing or two and then knew I was done. There was no reason to go any further.
When I realized this, I set up the chapters and then sent it out. I did forgot to spell check, but will get to that after I get my feedback. The folks who will read the novel will be seeing it for the first time. I may ask those who read it as a novella if they would want to read it in its current form. If so, great, if not, no worries. There is no obligation for them to do so and I hope they would not feel obligated. They had given me stellar comments and I incorporated most of them into the novel. I made the main character stronger, better description of what the world has become, I am pleased and nervous too see what the thoughts are on all of this.
My new task is to go back to the agents I have researched, find their clients and read tho…