Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Yes, I am an artist why?

Speaking with an artist friend today, we discussed how most people seem to not understand the creative process. If you tell someone you are painting, sculpting, writing, etc. the immediate response is what are you making? How much will you get paid? And all the other expected questions when people are not sure how to peg artists into the every day work force.
Not everyone who writes is a John Grisham nor do they want to be. Painters are not all longing to be Picasso or Goya. Some of us need to create or we will fold up on ourselves and die. Those of us who become lucky enough to make money doing what we love is a bonus.
We also discussed how some people no longer appreciate that at one time, being a chef was an art form as well. You don't need an abbreviated way to cook, yes Rachael Ray I mean you, when many cultures have quick meals they can whip up. Fashion falls under the same realm. Anyone can be a designer if you have backing and "line builders", people who do the actual work. Not that you should be held back by lack of ability, but for those who do all the steps there is a big difference in how you see the world.
My novel will not be done in a week, I could only wish, but the process itself is what makes it exciting. I wish I could explain to someone what it feels like to get an idea of where to take you characters. Instead of writer's block I have writer's hemorrhage lately. Concepts just flow and move about and I am scribbling, typing and making voice notes on my phone with all of them. Were I to get paid for this endeavor that would be a plus, but the novel will get written because I have a story to tell and that is what makes me an artist.

To borrow an exchange from the movie Frida:

Frida Kahlo: I just want your serious opinion.
Diego Rivera: What do you care about my opinion? If you're a real painter, you'll paint because you can't live without painting. You'll paint till you die.


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  1. HAHAH! Let me share a recent discussion with an art show organizer:

    Him: I don't know about girly stuff, but your stuff doesn't make me angry, want to be in my art show?

    Me: Darn, I was hoping you'd pop a blood vessel looking at my brooches and hair pins.

    Him: You can show this stuff and maybe do some real art we can hang on the walls.

    Me: Um, nope, this is what I make. And it's art.