Thursday, May 20, 2010

Writing and Endangered Places

I have hit the magical number of 70,000+ for my novel. Now, the fine tuning begins. It is almost sad in a way to think I am close to being done with it, of course the next novel is in the works, but I feel like I am sending a child off to school. You will be kept apprised of the query letters and synopsis that go out and all the responses I get. Yay or Nay. The hard part is that you really can only send out one query at a time. Most agents gets back to you within 6 weeks if I recall correctly so it is not awful. Of course I will be on pins and needles every time.

This list in regards to 11 of the Most Endangered Historic Places in the US has been released by National Trust of Historic Preservation. I grew up in Paterson and have been in Hinchcliffe Stadium. Hinchliffe Stadium, one of only three remaining Negro League stadiums in the country, stands vacant and dilapidated. It is a shame because it was an awesome place. The sad thing is Paterson has been struggling like Newark, Camden, Detroit and hundreds of other run down cities that are a long way away from their heydays. Back to the main topic, what angers me is developers, the causers of homogenization, want to ruin places like Saugatuck Dunes. Wal Mart wants to build neat the Wilderness Battlefield. I sometimes wonder how people look at pristine beauty and only see the need for a mall or a condo development. Offensive is what it is and it needs to be stopped.



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  2. 70,000 words-wow I'm impressed : )I hope it gets snapped up by the first one you send it too!