Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Religion and Jesus Camp

We had the honor of celebrating our friend receiving his Master's Degree in Religion and Religious Studies. He is someone who really should be out there, preaching to the masses and making people more compassionate and understanding. He chooses to be a Catholic, which I respect because I was raised one but no longer practice. We discussed how Catholics are not taught the bible. I can vouch, I went to Catholic school and I could not quote a stitch of scripture if I tried except for Leviticus, but that is another story. We were taught from the Missal and whatever the priest told us. All other faiths could throw Scripture around like nobody's business, not the one I was raised in. Our friend wants to change that and I think he is on to something. You should know the book your faith is based on and be able to understand it. My favorite thing he told us was what one of his professors said. He held up a bible and said, "There is no science and no history in this book." Amen brother.

Which brings me to the horror I just sat through. I have just watched this documentary and to be honest, I have no words. I am all for people believing in God, following a faith or a spiritual path, but what these people were doing to these kids offended me past my soul. Brainwashing a child to being about a more "righteous government" not for me. I wish it had been more about finding Jesus within them and putting his good works out in the world. Instead, they made kids cry over their "sins", speaking in tongues (which was very disturbing) and pray to make all of a America a true Christian Country. They were yelling out to go to "War for Jesus". Then they referenced Islam and how the "Palestinians start training their kids at 5 so we should do the same. We need to teach children to lay down their lives for Christ."
These children would hate me and everyone I know. Even my friends that are devout church goers, devout believers they would think they are not "true believers".
Radicalism at any level, in any faith is very dangerous and this documentary scared the hell out of me.


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