Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Our Kitty

When my husband got home last night, our 13 year old cat had a massive nose bleed that could not be controlled. We took her to the vet and then got sent to the Animal Emergency hospital where she spent the night. They are running all sorts of tests. She has hyperthyroidism but, they think she may now have hypertension. They are now running more blood panels and doing an ultrasound. We will find out by noon if they found anything else or if she will be taking two pills a day. Aces.
The worst part about this is the cost. Most of us see our pets as family and we will lay out any amount we can to keep them healthy and happy. This does make me why health insurance companies, who, like all corporations are all about making money, don't include pets under our health care plans. They would make serious bank off most of us pet owners. I mean, there are are people who don't use their health care plans for anything other than yearly physicals. So insurance is not making a ton of money off of them, why not use the same approach to pets? I should be able to insure them under my policy like I would my children. I could be reaching here, but again, I am going from a business point of view since that is how Blue Cross Blue Shield would approach it as well.
Anyway, here is to hoping we have a few more years with our awesome girl.

**UPDATE** Apparently our kitty has multiple issues going on. Her kidneys are in chronic failure, adrenal glands are enlarged, there is a mass and nodules on the left side of her liver and there also some serious heart disease issues going on as well. Needless to say, she is staying overnight again so they can try and keep her blood pressure down. We have already discussed that our little kitty may not be coming home again and that makes us very sad. :(



  1. Oh, I'm so sorry. Such a sweet and gentle soul.
    My prayers are with you.