Wednesday, May 5, 2010


When I took the train into NYC for the Martha Stewart Show I was fascinated that I got to glimpse numerous backyards from my comfortable seat on the train. This got me thinking, what if backyards were metaphors for people's lives? The tidy backyard could mean a control freak, the messy backyard, a busy mind.
What if these backyards showed us the inside of a person? Does the well maintained lawn and garden show pride of place or is it a need to emulate the pages of a magazine or HGTV? Could it be that someone loves nature and Mother Earth so much that nurturing the land brings ecstasy? All things are possible and there is much to be considered here.
A neglected yard could signal depression or in truth, the person just does not care. A backyard strewn with toys and swings shows children at play, but does it also show a property whose sole purpose to entertain? What about those yards with fire pits and built in grills? Extravagant? Not if you use it.
The USA has the most grass, read: sprawling lawns, yet who really sits on this carefully cultivated sign of acreage No one because they are busy on their decks and patios. Perhaps we should all run barefoot through the grass as we did as children. There is nothing that signals spring/summer more then the feel of grass under your feet.
Yards should be tranquil and inviting to everyone who rents an apartment, condo or home. To commune with one's friends and/or neighbors amongst the scents of flowers, grass and barbecues, is a true pleasure. I garden simply because I love the look of flowers and foliage. The idea of growing something and having it be all mine is wonderful. I also like that some of my yard can be viewed, though it is a work in progress right now so it is not camera ready so to speak. Or maybe it is.


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  1. Great post!! When I travel I love to look at people's yards and their houses. Funny how I do the same thing as you wrote-I wonder if the messy yards mean someone is down and out-and if the fancy yards are folks who have lots of money or just enjoy being outside. Sometimes a yard and house pulls me in-till I wish I knew their whole life story.