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Anthony Bourdain, the man who eats everything

My husband and I have been watching the very interesting show, on Netflix of course,
Anthony Bourdain:No Reservations.
The funniest thing about us loving this show is that he loathes, and I mean loathes, vegetarians. This a lifestyle my husband and I adhere to. We are what is called Pesco-Vegetarian, meaning we eat fish, but no pork, chicken or beef.
Perhaps what I find most interesting is his reason for disliking me and others like that lead a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. "Bourdain is also known for sarcastic comments about people who are vegan or vegetarian, feeling that their lifestyle is rude to those who inhabit the many countries he visits. Bourdain has said he considers vegetarianism a "first world luxury.""
Considering India is a huge vegetarian population I don't think of it is a "first world luxury", it is a lifestyle. Millions of Hindus and Seventh Day Adventists are vegetarians on a religious basis. Also, due to it being a choice in America, we get to come up with some incredibly interesting recipes that even meat eaters love. I do not believe in facilitating a war between meat eaters and non-meat eaters. We can all co-exist peacefully as long as we all show respect to our food. I think that sorely lacks in most of the USA because we no longer interact with farmers or butchers. I have no problem watching Inuit people eating seal because they give thanks for the kill and use every single piece of the animal. That is how food should be treated, with reverence.
I knew a bow hunter who would give thanks over the animal he killed. I take no issue with that because lots of hunters feed their family by what they catch. This brings me to another interesting point. A friend recently told me he could not eat meat from a cow he knew. This came up when we were at a friend's farm in PA. I remarked that if I ever chose to eat meat again, I would only buy it from our friends since I know how the chickens are cared for, they are all fat and happy, as well as the sheep and cows. He found it funny that as a vegetarian I would want to know the animal and have petted it and talked to it. I am sure this is odd to most of you, but it makes sense to me. I would rather be connected to my food, not pushed off into industrialization, eating some random numbered animal that was poorly treated and not feed properly.
Joel Salatin is a an awesome man who practices farming principles that I love. He was in the documentary Food Inc and he is another one if I ate meat, I would buy his. Our farmer friend went to go see him lecture and I am jealous. She said it was almost like being at a revival with all these farmers, some Amish, getting excited and chatting about all the ways to practice better farming.
Anyway, back to Anthony Bourdain, while we may not agree with everything he says, though I am on board with his distaste for Rachael Ray and Sandra Lee, he does showcase interesting cultures and places. Catch an episode if you can, Paris was one of our favorites.



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