Monday, April 19, 2010

Welcome to Monday :)

The hubby and I went on a wonderful eight mile, round trip mind you, bike ride on the Columbia Trail yesterday. It was beautiful, tranquil and made us realize we seriously need to invest in padded bike seats.

Other good news is the on Saturday, friends of ours in Vancouver had a baby girl and on Sunday, friends of ours in Texas had a baby boy. This is all very exciting and one gift has already been sent and now we need to send the next one.

I was so excited to see Surefit slipcovers for wingback chairs and ottomans. I especially liked the Lexington one. So I measure and lo and behold, our chairs are bigger than their covers. Now the quest begins again.

We have also decided when we redo our upstairs bathroom we want to go with a round corner shower.
The one that is in there now is only like 29" long but the wall is 34". The new shower will fit better and I won't knock myself on the head every time I try to shave. Ha ha

I want to throw a dessert party like this one at In Pursuit of Glamour.

Had no idea that Queens Anne Lace and Poison Hemlock look similar. You learn something new everyday.


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