Thursday, April 15, 2010

Quick ramblings

While the massages this past weekend seem a distant memory, funny how every day life can suck that right out, I find peace in the outdoors. Violets run rampant through our lawn, apparently it is a weed, but the little white and purple flowers are so lovely that I do not mind them at all. There are other ones with blue flowers, I think it is Veronica, and I think it is looks pretty too. We are trying to weed out the ones by the foot of the lilac tree and pear tree. Then we want to put pretty ground covers around them there. There is a great farm in our area that sells like 100 pachysandra plants for $20.00. This is the same farm I buy all my summer produce from so I cannot wait to play in their greenhouses. The hubby tilled the soil for our veggie garden and he is building the raised beds. This weekend we will most likely be when we get that stuff done.

I am three years late to the series but thanks to the beauty of watch instantly on Netflix, I am officially enamored of The Tudors. Not only are the sets and costumes are superb, but the show is more like a soap opera not following history to a 't', but if you go in knowing that, it makes the show more fun. I have always found European history more fascinating then our own. The rise and falls of empires, the battles of religion and faith, the decadence and intrigues, all amazing. Henry the 8th was a real piece of work that is for sure. Corruption that happens now happened then. Quite extraordinary. Not that US history is not turbulent, but I always had horrible teachers on the subject. (that is another topic for another post)

On the reading table is Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book and so far I love it. That man has a real gift for storytelling and reading him helps me improve my own work. I am almost finished with Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, what a creepy little novella.

Favorite word I just heard and wished I used more: Asunder

Off to write, Cheers!

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