Thursday, April 29, 2010

Clowns and Much Ado about something

I loathe clowns. They creep my out and I blame the film "Poltergeist" for this. I had 2 clown dolls in my room when I was younger. My dad took me to see the movie and then i came home eyeing the clowns suspiciously. I also don't like realistic dolls a la Marie Osmond dolls, but that is another post. I read the greatest post recently on one mother's ingenious idea on how to handle her toddler's love of her clown doll. You must read "Scary Creepy But Amazing" on fortysomething Mommy to really appreciate the deft handling of the said toy.

I hope to have photos up of the vegetable garden soon. We will be putting topsoil in the raised beds this weekend. Currently I am planting a border of hummingbird firecracker flowers

and Marigolds. This should keep the deer away. I hope.

I just had the tree guy come out to tell me what it will cost to annihilate these crappy overgrown "tree/bush" type things. While the price is high, it will be worth it in the end. These are the same damn things I was pruning last year and ended up inflaming my radial nerve. My right arm had swelled up to twice its size and I could barely move it. Good times. Then we can plan what we will plant in its place. The good thing it the neighbor is a master gardener so by all means, let her garden grow and impose!

This is the CUTEST jewelry stand ever by Whomadeit on Etsy.

FeltedPleasure's dress is quite extraordinary.

La Prochaine Fois: The Cupcake Ring very interesting concept indeed.


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