Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Renovations and Rejection

The dining room is now painted. It is like being in Tuscany and the photo I took does the color no justice but see for yourself.

We have also been encouraged by dear friends to let the true bungalow come to life and strip the paint off some of the wood. Four layers is what I went through so far. Yes, we are going to get a heat gun per a good friend's mom who has renovated over the years.

Here is one of my groovy green curtains with yellow and blue flowers in the green room. Yes, those are seeds I am starting on the radiator and no, the heat is no longer on.

Here is our new little composter and some daffodils growing randomly where our brier patch used to be.

Carina Press did not find my romance suitable for their catalog so I got a nice rejection from them. I am far from broken hearted, as I knew I could have written a better synopsis and query. Practice, practice, practice will only make me better.
This journey will not be a quick one I fear, but I believe I will have success in it. Maybe not John Grisham success since that his life path, but I know I will get in print. I am hoping it is with the novel I am working on now because I love it so. Then again, as much as I love it, I have to hope someone else loves it.



  1. LOVE that color and them curtains! Wow! Good for you! Congrats on your (first?) step closer to acceptance!

  2. LOve your green room! On that first novel? I'm sure you'll arrive one day...

  3. You've got it looking good-so bright and cheery I love it! And I love your can do spirit about the novel too : )