Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Planning for planting

The snow has melted and now rain is coming. Nothing like Mother Nature to mess your yard up just when you think you might have a chance to get it ready for landscaping. We are not paying anyone to do it. Nope. We are going to attempt this ourselves. I can hear you all now, "Go with God Miss Fifi."
NJ is not cheap with much of anything. Landscaping just the front of our house would cost at least $3,000.00. Interesting that it is the same cost as the fence. Good times.
Anyhoo, we have chosen a few plants, Catmint, Goldenrod, Pachysandra and Dwarf Mondo Grass to name a few, and now we need to see when we can purchase them. We need the ground cover like pachysandra and dwarf mondo grass to go where the God-awful brier patch used to be. I also think I want to throw in a blooming bush or two over there as well. The front of the house will have lavender in the big pots and then goldenrod and catmint for abundance and color. We'll probably throw in some green as well. This of course can be altered at any time, but we are thinking it will look nice.
We are also going to rip out the poorly laid down walk way that goes from the street to the stairs and lay sod down. We are going to set up a pea gravel path from the driveway which is on the side of the house, to the front stairs instead. Again, we believe this will look much better and very nice. We will also be putting a rock garden on one side of garage that is all shady. There will be pictures at some point. I am all about the before and after.



  1. Wow you are going to be busy! I can almost see the lavender blooming and also its exotic scent in the air! All the best Miss Fifi!