Thursday, March 4, 2010

If only I had $27,000.00

I could have been the owner of a fine work by Roy Lichtenstein today. Alas, I am not rich, so there will be no fine arts works on our walls just yet.
A friend of mine was lucky enough to end up with complimentary tickets to The Armory Show in NYC. In a word - SUBLIME.
We discovered artists from places like Cape Town, Helsinki, Melbourne, London, Los Angeles, etc. It was truly remarkable to be amongst the art crowd. I even came upon a Damien Hirst, whose work I am not a fan of, that I really, really liked. Here are some artists I came across that I had never heard of and really liked.

Dorothea Tanning
Mark Innerst
Tomasz Kowalski Honestly? this painting in person is AMAZING

Also, there were some pretty well set up gallery booths of different artists that we enjoyed.

Tasende Gallery
Other Criteria
DC Moore Gallery
Marlborough Gallery

I will try and add different galleries as I post over the next few weeks so you can check stuff out yourselves.


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