Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I need a Muse

Not really.
I wish I could pay someone to write my synopsis, but in truth, I am enjoying this dreadful process. It has actually helped me edit my latest novella. I have changed scenes and even added one. My husband has been very helpful too because he is a captive audience and his suggestions and feedback has been invaluable. I also have to give a shout out once again to my friends who agreed to read the final draft along with their opinions.
Anyway, my futuristic/bounty hunter story has been fine tuned and now I need to type up the synopsis, I hand write them first in the notebook I use to outline the story, and then the agent query letter. I have narrowed down my agent list and will be following all the protocols I have researched so I don't muck it up.
No feedback regarding the Romance novel I sent out yet, but that is an 8-10 week waiting period. Yes, I am biting my nails.
I have my next story semi-outlined and I am excited to get working on developing that further.



  1. Hi Fifi, I think you're great to be able to write. It needs courage and determination and I wish you the best of luck!What is it about? Can you give a hint?

  2. The new one has to do with the work lives of the Angels of Death.