Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hmmmm, Serious Thoughts Today

I try to keep any form of political discord out of my blog for numerous reasons but this article in the NY Times made me shake my head.

States Seeking Cash Seek to Expand Taxes to Services

In NJ, where I am, we waste A LOT of money by small little towns of like 100 people having their own schools, fire departments, etc. My own personal opinion is if town shared services that could help alleviate a lot of unnecessary duplication and could help bring taxes down. Instead, the state government here and more across the country want to tax services, cut jobs, and trim what they see as so called fat. All the while, the politicians lose nothing.
Maybe we need to tear down the infrastructures that have been in place for decades and rebuild them better. Mismanagement cannot be cured by taxing or lay offs and yet companies and government continue to act as if it will.


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