Sunday, February 7, 2010

Women and Sports

In honor of Superbowl Sunday, which I don't care much about, I have decided to throw an uninformed opinion of mine out there for everyone to comment on.

Lingerie Football...WHY??

Must it be that no matter what women do, they should be half naked? I am all for looking at a nice hard body, but in a sport that requires massive contact, you play in a bikini? Really? The Lingerie League is billed as true fantasy football. To each their own we all say, but sometimes I have to really wonder who are the 52, 487 fans on Facebook. Do they actually enjoy the game or is it more them hoping something falls off?

I am sure these women are talented players and I am curious why they think the lingerie league is a good idea. Especially when you have teams in Women's Tackle football like the Boston Militia or NY Sharks.

It is still rough going out there for any woman who enjoys sports, likes to play sports and can talk sports, but I am not sure I understand how the lingerie league helps and I guess I never will.


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