Sunday, February 28, 2010


We need to find some cool art work to hang in our house. Not wanting to buy typical stuff or reproductions, not that we are against any of that, we just want to own some interesting and original pieces.
I turned to Etsy and have found some artists I am seriously considering purchasing and wanted to share.

Six06 does a very interesting interpretation of Day of the Dead images.

I am a big Frida Kahlo fan and I love Tascha's paintings of her.

I just love these works by Melussena. Especially Queen Takes Bishop.

Black Eyed Suzie hand makes her haunting dolls and then takes photographs of them.

Cate Rangel's original art piece Cherry's Jubilee would look wonderful in our living room.

This Mermaid Goth acrylic painting is fabulous from PurImagination.

I hope you enjoyed all of these and remember, support your artists :)


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