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We need to find some cool art work to hang in our house. Not wanting to buy typical stuff or reproductions, not that we are against any of that, we just want to own some interesting and original pieces.
I turned to Etsy and have found some artists I am seriously considering purchasing and wanted to share.

Six06 does a very interesting interpretation of Day of the Dead images.

I am a big FridaKahlo fan and I love Tascha's paintings of her.

I just love these works by Melussena. Especially Queen Takes Bishop.

Black Eyed Suzie hand makes her haunting dolls and then takes photographs of them.

Cate Rangel's original art piece Cherry's Jubilee would look wonderful in our living room.

This Mermaid Goth acrylic painting is fabulous from PurImagination.

I hope you enjoyed all of these and remember, support your artists :)


It is Friday

Let's just say Va-va-vaVoom and call it a day

Hips and Curves is one sexy lingerie website for those of us who are built in the style of women a la Peter Paul Rubens and not Twiggy. No offense to Twiggy of course, she was fabulous too!

Have a fabulous weekend!


Seltzer Anyone?

We really love seltzer. So much so that we were accumulating a ridiculous amount of plastic bottles. Lo and behold, we came across the Sodastreamand so we ordered one.
Right now I have two bottles of seltzer with fresh lemon sitting in my fridge. They do send you flavor packets so you can make cola or cream sodas, but I prefer regular. The cool thing is you can carbonate apple juice or cranberry juice as well.
For just regular seltzer, you fill the bottle with water up to the fill line and after a few pumps of the button on the machine, Voila! you have carbonated water. My hubby got us a red machine, one of my favorite colors, and I am quite pleased with it.


Good Blog Finds

Oh my these are wonderful!

Dandyism - Nothing better than a man in a well made suit. Sure, I like jeans and a thermal shirt on a man as well, but old time elegance never disappoints.

I am a certified Anglophile and I am not ashamed. This site delivers: The Duchess of Devonshire's Gossip Guide to the 18th Century.

2 writers: one does historical romance the other historical novels and they share their love of history here on Two Nerdy History Girls.

Do you have a love of textiles? Check out The Textile Blog.

As someone who wishes she could dress like Auntie Mame 24/7, this great blog, Wearing History, was wonderful to have come across.

I hope you enjoy these finds as much as I do.


Holy Wow, it has left the premises

Excitement, fear and wanting to vomit are all the emotions I am feeling since twenty minutes ago I sent out the query letter, synopsis and manuscript for Retrospect.


I am so nervous and freaked out. My baby is gone, it has left the building and it is a good thing.
Now I understand why parents tear up on the first day of preschool.

In 8 to 10 weeks I will receive a notification that I will be published, rejected or need to revise and then they will publish. Invigorating? Yes. Amazing? Yes. Need a bottle of wine? Absolutely. While I am proud I even got this accomplished, it makes me want to keep chugging along and try harder. What I am doing as I wait for my tea to steep is gear myself up for the editing and rewrites I am about to do for my next book. This is the book that my friends agreed to read and offer comments on. I love this story, it is wonderful and I need to do my best to perfect it because that baby is going to be sent to an agent.

I realize not everyone will lik…

Harlequin Valentine

"Harlequin Valentine" is one of my favorite short stories, along with "October in the Chair", from "Fragile Things" by the fabulous Neil Gaiman. Imagine my joy discovering a reading of HV online by Neil himself. Check it out and enjoy!


On a side note, I just finished reading "Neverwhere" and absolutely loved it. How this story has not been made into a movie baffles me. The film could be something incredible if you get the right people behind the project. Ahhh well.

Happy VD Everyone!


The Dreaded Synopsis

The time has come. Retrospect, a romance novel I have been working on for what feels like ten years, is complete.
I have decided I want to send it into Carina Press and hope they will agree to buy and publish it.
Now begins the process of writing the synopsis and query letter. Ugh!
While I was doing research on writing a synopsis the most common thread was that most writers hate having to write a one. It is a sales pitch and it is not always easy to sell oneself.
Everybody has different guidelines. Some publishers and some agents want just a one page synopsis, others ask for 2 to 5 pages.
This will be interesting because it is very my first one and I am terrified of mucking it up. Sure it is my story and I should not have a hard time condensing it, but it is nerve-racking nonetheless. So I will spend the rest of the afternoon, writing it out in the notebook I have designated for Retrospect and hope I can get it ready to go by end of the week. Wish me luck!

Here are some links for writing …

Women and Sports

In honor of Superbowl Sunday, which I don't care much about, I have decided to throw an uninformed opinion of mine out there for everyone to comment on.

Lingerie Football...WHY??

Must it be that no matter what women do, they should be half naked? I am all for looking at a nice hard body, but in a sport that requires massive contact, you play in a bikini? Really? The Lingerie League is billed as true fantasy football. To each their own we all say, but sometimes I have to really wonder who are the 52, 487 fans on Facebook. Do they actually enjoy the game or is it more them hoping something falls off?

I am sure these women are talented players and I am curious why they think the lingerie league is a good idea. Especially when you have teams in Women's Tackle football like the Boston Militia or NY Sharks.

It is still rough going out there for any woman who enjoys sports, likes to play sports and can talk sports, but I am not sure I understand how the lingerie league helps and I guess…

Quick Recap

I just like that the photo is of hats. Get it? Recap? I need to get out is what is going on and why I have been terrible at posting.

Saw The Hurt Locker and all I can say is WOW. Incredible film, you must see it.

I have now thrown the novel "Neverwhere" by Neil Gaiman onto my list of books that I am reading.

Rewriting sections of the infamous romance novel I have been working on, it is like a never ending edit session with that story. In a lot of ways that is great because I am able to improve the dialogue and structure, but at the same time I feel like I have lived with this book long enough and it is time to complete it and get it out of here.
One piece of good news is that I have returned to working on my other novel which would fall more under fantasy and is really starting to take shape into something interesting.

Went on a job interview, don't think I will get it, but that is okay. It was proof of how bad I do in interviews and how much I don't miss bein…