Thursday, January 7, 2010

Secretary Spread? Not me

Working in front of a computer all day does nothing in regards to keeping a healthy form. Well, at least not for me. Sure I take the dog out and throw the football around with her. She, or is it me, gets a perverse thrill from running the perimeter of the yard while yelling "Hut!" I call her my Rugby Puppy though I have never played that game in my life.
Anyway, back to my out of shape self. High cholesterol and heart disease runs heavy on my father's side and so to help keep that at bay, I need to do some serious cardio. When it is better weather we usually are outside more being much more active, but I certainly can't garden now. I do turn my compost pile, but that takes all of a few minutes. Today I went and joined Curves. the good thing about it is that's thirty minute of circuit training. I can go, do my thing and then come home and work on my book(s) and short stories. If after work the hubby wants to walk or do something else, we can. The hubby and I both enjoy being outdoors, kayaking is the one thing we both tried on Cape Cod, loved and want to do again. Winter makes stuff difficult because I am not a winter sports person. I'd love to snowboard or ice skate but that's about it. Hockey would be fun but I think I would be busted for high sticking. ;-)
I admit I am extremely jazzed and can't wait to start tomorrow. This is not a New Year's resolution either. My doctor threatened me with getting more cardio or she would up my dose of cholesterol meds. I love her.
So that is it my friends. No secretary spread for me, the heart healthy challenge is on!


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