Sunday, January 24, 2010

Haunting Music

Music is one of the my true passions. I adore nothing more than be turned on to new artists, old artists, any kind of music. Stuff like the Blacked Eyed Peas and Taylor Swift are not my cup of tea and I admit I sometimes wonder why they are popular, but I can't begrudge them their success. They appeal to an audience that I just do not happen to be a part of and that's alright by me.
That being said, here are some artists that I am the audience for.

The Decemberists: The Rake's Song - Haunting lyrics, reminiscent of an old folk tale. Brilliant.

Zoe Keating: The Legions - She makes a cello talk. Beautiful.

Imogen Heap: Just For Now - Excellent.

Passion Pit: The Reeling - Funky groove.

Pomplamoose: If You Think You Need Some Lovin' - Such a fun time.

Company of Thieves: Oscar Wilde - Makes me want to write a screenplay so I can use it in the movie.

Merle Haggard: Mama Tried - Classic.

Olga Nunes - A choice array of her wonderful music.

Melody Gardot: Some Lessons- Soothing and lovely.

Hope you enjoy the tunes and have a great day!


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