Friday, January 8, 2010

Dream Home and renovation ideas

I have been registering for the HGTV Dream Home in New Mexico because it is stunning and I happen to really like the Southwest. Years ago when I had gone on two separate trips, one to Arizona - Phoenix and Sedona and then one to New Mexico - Santa Fe and Taos, I fell in love with the architecture. I love the adobe style and I also got turned on to Rammed Earth Homes. I think these are one of the coolest and would one day to love to be able to build one. Here is a photo of one in Australia.

Since I am on a let's see what I would like to build kick, I loathe loathe loathe our poorly grouted, ugly pink bathroom. If only we had the same amount of space as the lady in this episode of Red, Hot and Green, because I would recreate this whole bathroom in our house.

We are looking forward to designing and building an entertainment cabinet (built in style) in our living room. Not sure when we will actually get it started, but it will be nice to have because we still have many books in boxes. Wish we could do something along these lines, but I am not sure what we will do.

I have recently decided when we do the kitchen we are going to really rock it! There are two ridiculous cabinets that I want to rip out. One is in the u part and it goes all the way back and is pretty much a waste. We also have a lazy susan type cabinet which gives me a twitch. One must wonder what runs through some people's minds when they renovate. Do it right or don't bother is how I feel. Anyway, happy thoughts now! I have always wanted a serious cook's stove. Unfortunately in this house it is electric, you would need to get a propane tank to have a gas stove. Well lucky me, Elmira Stoves and Aga Stoves come in electric versions. Amen!

If only I had cash to hire this talented garden designer highlighted on the choice blog Brilliant Asylum. She's also battling cancer and there is a way to help in her fight so please check the link.

Please take note, this is my dream desk.

My taste is quite varied as you can tell. This may or may not make our home look insane.


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