Monday, January 11, 2010

Darn these sinuses of mine!

I am writing this post from the comfort of my bed. I got sick over the weekend, so did the hubby but he went to work. Now I lay here like a slug, drinking green tea with ginger and honey, downing Tylenol Sinus and orange juice. My sinuses are throbbing and if I could, I would rip them out with my bare hands.
The biggest bummer for me is I just started Curves and was looking forward to my second session today, but I have to wait until I am better to get in shape. Yeah I know I am whining, but I have a fever so please let me.
This morning, I sat in bed with my net book and decided to seek inspiration by watching a few episodes of Carter Can and Red, Hot and Green. Nicole Facciuto the designer on Red, Hot and Green is an incredible talent and I wish I could hire her to do some stuff around here. I sat in bed, blowing my nose, coveting some really great concepts. Nothing like watching a very handsome man build a sweet looking bar in a family room. Yes I have a crush on Carter and no, I am not ashamed of it, though my husband just shakes his head and laughs.
We have always wanted to use sustainable materials and I picked up a few choice ideas while watching the shows. I have an issue with wasted space in our kitchen, poorly laid out cabinets, a pantry that is in the worst place. I wish the Carter Can show would come East, but they only do houses on the West Coast. He did a kitchen redo that I adored with a beautiful dry goods/vegetable storage unit.
Anyway, enough of my longing for home improvement. Whenever I get sick all I want is Miso soup and wasabi. I think I need to start keeping that stuff in the house so I can make it at times like this.
I am going to try and nap soon. For now I have HULU up and I am sort of watching "Washington Square."



  1. thank you for your kind words. if you ever need any advice, just ask! hope you're feeling better!

    thanks for watching...hopefully we cheered you up!