Friday, July 31, 2009

Planning, well trying to

I feel like my life is in various stages.
Then again, who's life isn't?
Here are some of the projects I have rolling around:

Which story(ies) ideas to submit to the upcoming Zoetrope contest.
Layout of our yard, where the gardens will go, which plants to use, etc.
Working the Lia Sophia sales position to help put money away for house and to bankroll my ability to stay home and write.

These projects are started and they do not require an actual deadline. Well, the writing contest does, but my novel does not. These are all things that need to be nurtured and not rushed.


My impatience would usually be at an end, so this is actually good for me. The gardens will take about three years to get just right, maybe longer. Writing is writing, you can't just bang out a book a month. Oh I wish you could, but the more I work at writing, the better I am getting, thank God. It may not show in my blog at all times, but my dialogue and descriptions of gestures have greatly improved. The Lia Sophia gig, well, we shall see what happens with that, but if it works, cash in the pocket for sure. All these avenues need careful planning and failure is most certainly going to happen along then way with success. Normally I would shrink away in horror, but now?

I am giddy with power and ready for the challenges ahead. BRING IT ON!!


Monday, July 27, 2009

The Library

You all know my love of libraries, so let me have this moment to rhapsodize about our local library here in Long Valley.

I walked in to get a library card today and the librarian proceeded to tell me all the wonderful things they offer.

There is a network of over 20 other libraries in Morris County that allow me to walk in and use my library card. How superb!
I can log in to our local library web site and Place a Hold on a book/DVD/CD, etc and then choose a date to pick it up.
They offer classes and talks on everything from cooking to arthritis lectures by a doctor, along with an awesome selection of magazines as well.

I am going to go and enjoy my books I pulled out today and relish the next time I get to visit my well appointed and friendly staffed library.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Getting out of one's comfort zone

Okay, so I turned 40 this month. Feels no different than 30 to be honest, but I state that because I am at that age where many, many people have no desire to change their ways and leave their comfort zone.
I am challenging myself to do such a thing.
Direct sales.
Never wanted to do it, have no desire to ever do it, hate sales. Period.
Then this economy came along and has beaten the crap out of us all. Applying relentlessly to the same jobs as everyone else, I got frustrated, just like everyone else.
A friend offered me the opportunity to become a part of her team at Lia Sophia Jewelry. Originally I was like, "Thanks, but no thank you." I had my own jewelry business at one time and I knew how hard it was to convince someone to buy a pair of stunning, handmade earrings at $35.00. I would have to do the same thing with some other product and was certain I would hear the same complaints about pricing. Then she asked me again and I thought about it. What was I really hesitant about? It certainly wasn't the jewelry which is quite beautiful. Was it the fact that I would have to meet people? No, that wasn't it. Did I not want to do home parties? I did them for my own business so that was easy.
I was always afraid to do sales because I would be selling a product as well as myself. I wasn't sure I could do that and do it well. Did I even want to do that? I always believed you had to be this relentless, aggressive beast. What if I failed? That is when it hit me. Fear was at the base of all this.

"Do one thing everyday that scares you." Eleanor Roosevelt

Okay, I will take that challenge Eleanor. I signed up and went to a meeting. I have my starter party July 30, if you want to come contact me and I will give you the info, and I am excited and ready. Realization set in that I have nothing to lose, but lots to gain if I attempted something I was afraid of doing. Lia Sophia allows you to do as much or as little as you want. Flexible schedules is what they are really all about. I can appreciate that as I still want to be able to write, knit and garden.

So wish me luck kids and if you want to have a party or just order from the catalog, contact me. :)


Monday, July 20, 2009

Optical Delights

I adore eye glasses. I have never worn contacts, nor do I intend to. Glasses are so unique and act as wearable art showcasing the wearer's personality and tastes.
Sandra Oh who played the sassy assistant Rita on the HBO series "Arliss" would show up to work in outfits with matching eye wear. Probably one of the coolest, yet subtle costume moves on a show that really impacted me.
That being said, I just came across Fabulous Fanny's and I MUST go there. All the cat eye glasses make me drool, along with the antique frames. It is nice to have options in regards to eye wear. Who wants to wear the same boring thing as the next person? Sunglasses fall under that category. So many folks emulate celebrities by wearing what they do, but without really looking at the fashion to see if it will suit them.
Zenni Optical also has some really terrific choices and at great prices too.

Trust me, men do make passes at women who wear glasses.


Sunday, July 19, 2009


Ahhhhhhhhhh the joys of owning a home for me is the fact that I can finally garden. Yesterday our friends Frank and Nancy came to our house yesterday for noshing and gardening. Here is a shot of Nancy and I weeding out what will eventually become my cutting garden.

We found a horseshoe, a football and a plastic Easter egg with a nickle in it. LOL
Nancy brought me plants from her garden which was wonderful. We even got to plant some. Here is a picture of the bounty.

I will post pictures soon of how we weeded the front and planted some goodies. I put the oregano, thyme and sage in a planter on the porch. Smells so good!
They also gave us a wind chime and hanging plant. We are very grateful and happy about it.

I have much to learn in the ways of the land, but it will be fun :)

On another renovating note, I painted our door a stunning dark red, I will post that photo soon too.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Quick Goodie

The house is coming along well and I hope to have some photos up soon. We have been very busy unpacking and organizing, choosing paint colors, deciding how to gut a bathroom, this will be waaaaaaaaaay down the road of course, where the gardens will go, etc. We know that most of this will take months to get it together, time and money what none of us ever have enough of, but we are happy and exhausted in such a good way.

In the meantime, I wanted to share a friends business with all of you. Brian and I went to college together and he is a terrific man who is also very talented. He launched his own fabric line with another talented artist, Alex Mason, a few months ago and it is fabulous! So check it out and drool with me:

Ferrick Mason
I NEED that Fizzy Bloom fabric, hell, I want them all to drape my walls and make dresses out of. Textile design is a fascinating field to me and I love anyone who does it. Working on patterns are so time consuming, but look at the end results. Yes, I covet badly.

Have a great evening!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Hallefreakin'lujah! We closed on our house today. Let the gardening and painting parties begin!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Very Very random things

Today was the day Los Angeles exploded with Michael Jackson fans, I myself don't get the whole brouhaha and the waste of police time and money. Especially because California is currently floating IOU's for tax refunds. I also find the whole show repugnant considering Joe Jackson, the "father", beat those kids mercilessly and no one stopped him, proof a cash cow is more important than anything. I feel for the kids of Michael, as they had no normal life before and it can only get stranger.

Have you seen how much paint costs?? Some are $50.00 a gallon!! What the hell?? If it came with a man to help paint, great, but alas it does not. Surprisingly enough, Ralph Lauren paints which are stunning are actually about $28.00 a gallon. Nice.

Maybe I should do this instead of paint?
Sexy: Fishnets
Too loud? Kabloom

This recipe for Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Quickbread ROCKS!

Have copper on your pots and pans? Here is how you clean them :)

That is all I have for you kids today, I promise something more tomorrow.


Friday, July 3, 2009

Food, Inc. - The Movie

We went to see Food Inc last night.
I am still beside myself.
Not because I had no idea what went on the food industry, of course I did. As a vegetarian, one of my arguments with meat eaters has always been, "If I was one of you, I would be pissed off at how my food is raised and treated."
This movie lifts that veil and does it well enough that it reinforced my decision in being a vegetarian and angered me at the gross monopoly we have in the food industry as a whole.
Bottom line for all food conglomerates is money. Sure you say, they are a business. Yes, well, a business still should respect its costumer and you saw last night how most of them are blissfully detached from the customer, their workers and the animals themselves.
It was repugnant.
Smithfield Farms works with the INS to have some of its workers arrested after working there about ten years and have them sent back to whatever Latin America country they came from. As the Union Representative said, "Why is no one arresting the management?" Good question, but one that is left unanswered.
Monsanto, who are quite possibly Satan himself, sue farmers constantly for what Monsanto calls "patent infringement." Soybean farmers are not allowed to save their own seed to replant the next year because Monsanto has a monopoly on pesticides and GMO's. Thanks to Clarence Thomas and the Supreme Court, businesses like Monsanto can put a patent on their Frankenstein soybean. Thus happy being litigious and doing undercover investigations on farmers by Monsanto is ruthless and filled with signs of tyranny. Of course they have a whole PR machine on their site to discredit the film. Must be lovely to have no soul.
We left the movie angry, appalled and powerless.
Kevin's Law has been brought to Congress for over seven years by Barbara Kowalcyk.
Her son, Kevin, died in 2001 after eating a hamburger and suffering an E. coli O157:H7 infection and hemolytic uremic syndrome. The meat company never apologized for their tainted product.
Where is the outrage?
Why are we, as Americans so damn complacent when it comes to food?
Perhaps everyone needs to revisit Upton Sinclairs groundbreaking novel, The Jungle.
There are 13 slaughterhouses in the USA. This is for 300 million people. I find this horrifying, yet, people will grill burgers and hot dogs this weekend and I am almost certain, someone, somewhere will get sick. We should not need someone to die to enforce Food Safety laws or to demand better quality. Maybe we should hope it is a Senator's kid, then Kevin's Law will get passed in a day.
This whole experience has made me even more wary of government. Can't they even get the regulation of the nations food right? How can our Representatives sit there, daily, with lobbyists for these money machines, and protect them and help them and make them even more omnipresent?
One of the bright spots in the film was farmer, Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms. Check out their site to see how they respect the land, the animals (happiest pigs in whole film) and the planet. For Joel, it is all about how you should know your farmer and your community. Their principles should be mandatory. If I ate meat, I would drive to his farm in Virginia to buy it.
I am even more determined to garden, continue to support our friends who are farmers, and go to the Farmers Market. In some cases we will be paying more for our food, but at least I will know where it came from and how they grew it. You should be able to say the same thing.

Here is their site if you want more info: Food Inc
Find a farmer's market or a CSA near you: Local Harvest
Support the Humane Society
Educate yourself: Organic Consumers Association
Appreciate the Slow Food movement
Let's get Kevin's Law passed


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wedegewood? Yes please.

Anyone who knows me I am not a fan of high end china, crystal, or anything else that if it broke would send me to the asylum. I told my mother for years that whenever I got married, I never wanted to receive Waterford, Lenox or the myriad of other luxury tableware. Who wants that insane responsibility? Fortunately we did not receive anything along those lines and so our kitchen is filled with Crate and Barrel and Williams-Sonoma goodies. Though one set of glasses is down to about 4 pieces due to breakage. Again, not pricey so no tailspin.
But now, I have seen the following beauty by Wedgewood and I have decided it belongs with me...forever. Really, look at that fine specimen. It is a white on black jasper teacup and saucer. How on God's good earth have I lived without such a thing? Why have I never seen it until now? Sure, people who have collected Wedgewood for decades are chuckling to themselves, but I am fairly new to this coveting of specific luxury wares and this has put me over the edge. Perhaps one day I will acquire this, but for now I drool at the photos and am content to do that.

Let us stick with the coveting theme for a second. Chambers Gas Stoves, why only NOW am I aware of them??? I just saw a picture of a copper one in the new issue of This Old House and was mesmerized. Stunning piece of equipment.

While we are at it, let me leave you with this offensively wonderful site, Artful Home.