Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snow and Writing and Men

We have had a delightful foot of snow where we are. Delightful I say because our town was quick in clearing the roads and a neighbor plowed our driveway. Such a refreshing change from where we had originally lived. People who would only shovel up to their property line and wouldn't even speak to you if they saw you outside.
The snow has also made our dog, Isadora, giddy with power as she wheels around and eats snow. I will have to get a picture up of her to show what a true snow puppy she is.

As my quest in writing continues I admit I need a serious refresher course in proper use of punctuation. I also think I could benefit from learning more about "Description" as well. I get caught with that sometimes, unable to express what my character is really feeling of doing. Sure dialogue is the best for that, but certain scenes that do not call for dialogue need to be able to transport the reader with a damn good description. I am hoping to save up my pennies and one day take this course, either in NYC or online, through Gotham Writer's Workshop for a mere $395.00

Level 1 Fiction Writing Workshop - 10 weeks

On a much less serious note, I always have a mental picture for the characters I create. Sometimes I see them drawn as graphic novel characters like in Sandman, Love & Rockets, Spawn, etc. Then I will mish mash that with visuals in my head and even a real person, usually a model/actor/musician type. Recently I discovered someone who physically embodies the whole of one, actually two, male characters I created. How often do you envision a character and then BAM! a full fleshed out version appears? Not often. That being said, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Carter Oosterhouse's parents for unknowingly making a writer's vision real. And yes, I am including a picture below. His eye color is wrong for one of my guys, but I can work around that.


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