Friday, November 6, 2009

A Steady Rain

My husband, amused and aware of my love for Hugh Jackman, got us tickets for our anniversary to see the Broadway play, A Steady Rain. Hugs is starring in it along with Daniel Craig aka Bond, James Bond.
I must say I was thoroughly impressed with the acting chops of both men, but Daniel Craig blew me away. Why you ask? Well, I have only ever seen him as the steely 007. It was great too watch him in the flesh, so animated and intense, doing a Chicago accent and the chemistry between him and Jackman was fantastic.
The story is dark, riveting and depressing. Jackman plays a nasty cop who gets in a bad situation, Craig is his partner and best friend who always backs him up, but then find his own strength and self after Jackman's character gets out of control one too many times.
At the end of the show, the gentlemen spoke to the audience and thanked us for not having cell phones on, this got a laugh, and then proceeded to let us know that this evening they would be collecting donations for Broadway Cares. They are one of the nation’s leading industry-based, nonprofit AIDS fundraising and grant-making organizations. Jackman and Craig were saying how normally they would auction the set, but since it was only 2 chairs, they would auction something else. The began to remove their shirts and the crowd got crazy. They began laughing and basically opened buds up for their shirts, that they'd autograph. Bidding began at $1000.00 Two women went back and forth and one women went up to $7000.00 Jackman asked the woman if she would match her competitor and she said yes. In under 5 minutes, these two men raised $14,000.00 for a worthy cause. They also had 20 posters signed by them at $300 a piece and you were also able to pay $1500 and met both men and get pictures and autographs. The interesting part about this was as you saw these two banter with each other and with us in the audience and you got the sense that this is how they normally are when they are done playing a role, which was incredibly refreshing.

The evening made me realize how much I enjoy going to the theater and and how much I wished we could afford to go more and go to charity events and auctions. To be a part of that would be lovely, alas, it is not to be right now. Maybe one day...


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