Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mad Chase indeed

Domestic Felicity is one of those blogs I enjoy because it gives me insights to a world that I am not really a part of, SAHM and deeply religious, but I am still welcome.
Anna's post today was spot on for me. It is called The Mad Chase After Degrees and there is a plethora of interesting commentary you must read.
As someone who has worked 15+ years as an administrative/executive/office assistant in different business realms, it is extremely disheartening to not even get an interview for over a year. My experience should override some college grad who has never been in the workforce, but at this point, who am I really competing with? Someone who is a laid off hedge fund exec? CFO? COO? CPA? Who knows anymore? Amusingly, companies actually list Bachelor Degree or higher now for Administrative Assistant positions, as well as second languages, and all for a crappy salary of $35,000 sometimes. Talk about being underpaid and over qualified for a job that requires organizational skills, critical thinking and knowing where the hottest places to eat are. You learn on the job when you are an assistant. It is where you learn how to read human nature, learn to anticipate your boss's every move and need and how to have a cool head under pressure. You will NOT learn that in a lecture hall.
What will happen when the economy finally picks up and these Assistants with varying degrees in Finance, Business, Psychology, etc walk away from the job. Will companies look for my type of experience again or will they want the piece of paper secretary? Do they even know? I shudder at the thought.


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