Sunday, October 11, 2009

Look at my view...

The Brier Patch that was. Yes, on Friday the arborists, from Advanced Tree Care, came and made our land happy. Removing diseased and dying trees, rhododendrons and stumps. I am thinking that my compost pile would be best in this area above. Fix that falling fence and put it right in front. Behind the fence is where I will be weeding today and spraying more Poison Ivy killer o nthat nice fuzzy snake crawling up the tree in the back. It had been severed and I sprayed on Friday, but it was raining so I figure I will go and give it another spritz.

Without the Yews and Rhodies, our house looks bare, but they told us to let the ground rest and plan for what we are going to do. I need to get fence estimates since the plan is to turn the whole front yard into garden space. Yeah, that is right, I have lost my mind and have decided to become a Master Gardener without any training. I have a vision and will be paying someone to help me realize it, I am no fool, so this process should be fun and interesting.

Here is where our pine tree was. We are just going to put grass there and leave it open to be able to haul mulch to the backyard and whatnot.

And here is a full on view of the backyard. All the remaining trees in the yard and a few on the perimeter, including my beloved lilac, were pruned and cleaned up. The side of the house was wiped out too. We also need to have them come back, perhaps when we begin front yard and have them chop the hedges down to a reasonable height and then have them grow into a much better form. When I say we now have a clean slate, we have a clean slate.

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