Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Education is always key

I am one of those people who wishes they had been really studious and a National Honor Society student in high school. Had I been a smart, dedicated kid, I would have gone to an Ivy League school and would be ruling the world about now. Yale was always a fave, but George W Bush sort of tainted it for me...I am not sure why I have a sick, useless obsession with Ivy League schools, but I do. I have this irrational belief that Ivy's challenge you better than other institutions. Harvard or Cornell would not just teach me math, they would teach me to think about it in a more concrete fashion and show me some secret ways to do it that was forbidden in high school. My school fantasy life is rich eh?
Thanks to me being a shitty student, I did get to go to college, but it was not the Ivy League. Bradford College, which is now-defunct, was a lovely experience where I met wonderful people and got bitten by the fiction writing bug. Then I went on to Community College where I finally understood Algebra, that took long enough, and had wonderful art classes. Sadly, I still lack a degree. This goes to show what a procrastinator I am. That and a non-finisher with some stuff. There are times I consider going back to school and take part 2 of Algebra 1. Maybe even go all the way and get 4 yr degree like a BFA. Whoa. Then I remember I own a house and I have no money for school. This is mildly depressing, but not the end of the world.

Where I suffer most is I love to learn. I thrive in a class situation and I miss it. By not being able to afford an education at this point, I am happy that we live in a world that is intensely techie place. We can all sit back and take classes at places like Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Yale, UCLA, Johns Hopkins, UNC, etc. You don't get credit for the classes you take, but for me, I get to do the Ivy's without the price tag. It is a gift. I admit, if I could get credit I would pay for it. It'd be worth it.

Here are sites I use. I do not have iTunes so I did not include them, but they have courses as well.


Academic Earth

If you are into Anatomy, UC Berkley has an AMAZING lecture series with Professor Marian Diamond. Trust me, she is stellar.


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  1. I too wish I could go back and do better in high school.....

    Now I guess I'll hope my children do!

    My ship has sailed.....LOL......