Friday, September 11, 2009

Read, read, read

I have discussed how much I love to read on this blog before. I have always loved how a writer can give you the tools to form the scenes and see the characters as you like. Interesting for me is that the more I have been reading, the more vivid my imagination is becoming. I do wonder if it is the quality of the material or just that I am getting older so I am using more life experiences, not sure. I feel like this also helps me in my writing, though a dear friend who is proofreading a short story of mine right now may not agree and be cursing me!

I've currently gotten sucked into the Stephanie Plum series and I LOVE IT! By the third page of the first book I was laughing so hard that I knew I had a winner. I now worship at the altar known as Janet Evanovich and am proud.

Prodigal Summer is also on my nightstand and at first I was like, "eh, not into it", but then something in Barbara Kingsolver's voice sucked me in and I cannot put it down. It involves 3 different stories intertwined while living in Appalachia which I am absolutely fascinated by, and the balance of nature, predator and prey. To be honest, I would prefer to be reading it right now instead of posting and gearing up to work on my "book" Retrospect.

I do have a running list of things I want to read but, if anyone has a recommendation, by all means pass it on!

My arm is doing better, the elbow is still a bit swollen and sore, but I should be 100% by next week. I hope.


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