Monday, September 7, 2009

Overdoing it

This past Friday, my hubby and I did a bunch of yard work. I have been a little obsessed with pruning the very overgrown hedges. I used our hand pruner and then got out the large tree pruner. I puled vines, we cut down tons of weeds that wrapped around the hedges, all good stuff. My arm was very sore when I was done and I realized I had proceeded to give myself lateral epicondylitis aka tennis elbow.
It is better now, thanks to ibuprofen, my hubby doing cooking and taking dog out and my ace bandage. I am still a little sore, but I need to not get so overzealous when it comes to doing some of the yard work. This statement will make my husband very happy :)
Then yesterday we went to a civil union ceremony of good friends of ours, had a terrific time, eating, dancing and drinking a little too much. Today I was hungover, but did not get sick thank goodness.

So Cheers! to a good weekend!

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