Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Garden Planning continues

Thanks to a friend I am currently reading Mrs. Greenthumbs Plows Ahead. Now, because of that book, I have begun to rethink how to landscape the front of the house, the sides and even the back. I never wanted a fence, but now I am considering a low wooden one. Not to be "private" per se, but to set up a sort of oasis. A courtyard, a place to sit and revel in the flowers and greenery. I like her idea of setting up garden "rooms" as the English Cottage gardens do.

Who wouldn't want to walk to the side of a house and come upon this?
How lovely this would be by the road as opposed to just lawn.
Ahhh fences AND trellises for everyone!
What a wonderful spot this seems to be for reflection and a glass of wine.

What at first seemed it might be easy, gets more exciting and more intensive. Pictures will follow as we begin to transform our little piece of paradise. I am no fool, I know this can take years, but how lovely it will be!


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