Monday, September 21, 2009

Bye Weekend, Hello Monday

The weekend was a good one.

Painting prevailed. We painted the floor of the porch white. Just to take away the dinginess and the den/art room is a stunning tropical green known as Bermuda Grass. That took 2 coats and today I will be painting the trim, white.

Saw "The Informant" and loved it. Matt Damon never disappoints.

Went to Morristown with friends to attend Church of the Redeemer and it was wonderful. Good choir, packed church and fiery, relevant sermon. The reverend basically spoke of how we go to Church, learn the lesson and forget it when we walk out the door. The readings were Proverbs. One was how "women are more precious than jewels" and the other was how Jesus said "children will enter the Kingdom of Heaven first". She was "cranky", as she put it, because the least were to be first and they are still not. Women and children still suffer and are still not valued in society as they ought to be. I wish they posted her sermon because it was powerful, not politicized, abuse to neglect to charity was covered and it was meant to stir you into action. Now THAT is Church.

My week beings with me having to mop, finish painting trim, laundry, baking, add the final touches to the short story and starting knitting projects.

Welcome to Monday!


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